Friday, November 14, 2014

Falling Into Winter: Your list for transition pieces from Fall to Winter

Happy Friday Turtle and Leafers! With the short week I'm a bit thrown off and not quite ready to end the work week (I know, I totally just said that). However, I am starting to feel the excitement of the holidays amp up and can feel the true change in weather as we head towards Winter! Not sure how you're wardrobe will handle the transition? I've picked some wardrobe additions that will be sure to add a little punch to each of your outfits without breaking the bank.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Healthy Eating Tips for the Winter

Good morning Turtle and Leafers! Sorry again for the lack of posts these past two weeks! I was up in Portland, Oregon for work, a little play, and a LOT of eating. I came back sick of eating out (WHAT!?), bloated, and feeling overall sluggish; however it was totally worth it in my option. The best way to explore a new city is to eat your way through it after all! Now that I'm back and vacation is over I'm craving fresh veggies and some home cooking. Michelle reached out to me, and boy was the timing perfect, to collaborate on a healthy eating post. I know I'll be following her tips as she's one smart, knowledgeable, and active friend that has never steered me wrong! So now, let me introduce Michelle!

Summer is over and it’s time to get cozy in your fashionable winter wear, eat and drink everything in sight, and hang up your running shoes because it’s too darn cold to go for a run. WAIT, WHAT?! Rewind. This is Sunny Southern California and it’s an average 70 degrees on the daily. Although the winter season is coming up, that doesn’t mean you can veg out on the couch and discontinue your summer workouts. We as Southern California residents have it pretty good and the season change should not stop us from continuing our healthy eating habits and exercising. Just ask my friend who recently moved to Denver and who has to find creative ways to stay warm and exercise in 30° degree weather (yikes)! If you don’t live in So Cal, exercising outdoors may be a challenge so consider joining a gym or signing up with an active Meetup group in your area which is free. I believe eating right and daily physical activity is not a seasonal trend but a lifestyle we should all strive to adopt on a consistent basis. Read ahead for 5 tips on how to keep your body feeling and looking good, inside and out this winter season.  Let’s face it – summer will be here before you know it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update: No Sweets September/October

Hi All! I hope you're doing well on this Tuesday morning. Last month I made a vow not to eat sweets. This meant no cookies, pies, cakes, those little morsels of dark chocolate that I used to have after dinner..nothing! Yes, I thought I was crazy, but after a particularly bad binge on Oreos which left me feeling quite literally 'hung over' the next day I decided it was time for a palette detox. So how did it go? Well I'm still forgoing the sweets till the end of this week which will bring me to about five weeks without sugar.  But it was not easy and yes, I did fall off the wagon a couple of times. Care to hear? Read for more after the jump!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sumo Wrestling In Long Beach

I'm a big fan of Living Social, Groupon, and Travel Zoo and several months ago I scoped out a sumo wrestling tournament that would be taking place in Orange County. I still regret never seeing a sumo tournament while I lived in Japan, so I thought of this as redemption for that missed opportunity. The U.S. Sumo Open took place at CSU Long Beach's famous Walter Pyramid and was just as exciting and interesting as I expected. More after the jump!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shopbop Sale!

Happy Tuesday Turtle and Leafers! It's finally feeling like Fall in Southern California and as much as I'll miss my favorite season, Fall gives me an excuse to shop! Speaking of shopping, Shopbop is having a sale which the perfect excuse to add to your Fall wardrobe. Check out my picks below and be sure to use the promo code!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Orange County: Tourist Edition, Part 2

As promised..the second part of my things to do, see, and eat in Orange County! Click to read more if you'd like to see!

Monday, September 22, 2014

No Sweets September..errr October

Well it's almost the end of September and after a particularly sweet-filled month it's time I take a step back from sweets and sugar in general. I've tried multiple times to quit sugar, see here and here, but its been a work in progress. Sometimes I have all the willpower in the world to resist a delicious home baked goodie, but there are times where I buy a while a whole package of Oreos and don't think twice about inhaling the whole thing in a couple days (case in point: this last week). So I'm quitting cold turkey for a month and won't have a sweet treat, avoid processed food, and will try my best to avoid anything with additional sugar added to it, for example condiments! Here's my game plan if you're interested...